Software Development

We offer Mobile, Web and Desktop application development with the best of tools available for our clients' projects. Our choice of the tools are based on their robustness to guarantee early time to market, industry competence demand and flexibility of the tools.

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Mobile & Desktop Application Development

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Cross-platform Mobile Apps Development

In an era of fierce competition during which ideas are expected to be transformed into product and services in the shortest time possible, we make conscious effort to ensure our customers projects are developed with best cross-platform development tools. Moreover, advanced features and excellent user experience expected by users of mobile apps demand that we use the most robust, well tested and well supported open-source APIs, libraries and frameworks

Qt C++/QML framework and Python library afford us these opportunities of effortlessly achieving the objectives of any project in a manner that is beyond the imagination of our customers. The most important advantage we offer is developing mobile apps with code that is written once and deploying on every major OS platforms like Android, IOS, Windows 10 and Blackberry OS 10.

Cross-platform Desktop Application Development

The Enterprise and other desktop applications can be developed using multiple platforms such as Java and C#, but we are specifically working with the Qt C++/QML to create a cross-platform applications for desktops which include Linux OS, Windows and Mac OSX. The reason for choosing Qt and C++/QML for the development is purely based on the idea of C/C++ is the core language of all OSs which makes it more efficient and delivers the best in terms of speed and performance.

Moreover, desktop apps require a rich GUI kit like Qt framework which truly looks native and elegant on various OS environment. Qt is known as the best and rich GUI framework for this purpose. Apart from the efficiency of C/C++ which Qt brings to bear, we also use it save huge development cost for our clients and partners.

Web Application Development

Enterprise Web Application Development

Python provides us a wide range of 3rd party APIs and built-in libraries for the development application, varying from simple mobile apps, websites and cloud web sites such as drobox and YouTube. We use Django which is python web framework, and it is maintained by the official Python website and developers. Django was designed to help developers take applications from concept to completion as quickly as possible and it takes security seriously and helps developers avoid many common security mistakes.

Website Design & Development

WordPress is an open source tool used for the development of web applications using a variety of available theme and templates. WordPress was designed to develop blogging websites, but with time it evolved and supported multiple application. WordPress have advantages which includes availability of a wide range of plugins and themes, freely available with customization properties (as it is open source), easy, fast access and data updating.

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