Embedded Systems

Embedded systems are devices that serve a specific purpose (unlike a PC computer). Embedded systems may use operating systems with few resources and are often put on a ROM chip rather than a hard-drive, e.g media players, DVD players, Set-top-boxes, MRI machines, etc.

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Embedded Systems Development

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Embedded Application Development

Vast and rich GUI widgets, native look-and-feel, speed and cross-platform advantages makes Qt framework suitable for embedded application development. We leverage our core competence in Qt framework to deliver an unparalleled user experience for application in healthcare, consumer devices, automotive in-vehicle-infotainment, avionics and industrial automation.

Embedded OS, Device Drivers & Firmware

We offer various embedded OS development support ranging from embedded Android(customization with yocto) and FreeRTOS for most non-missional-critical consumer application to QNX Neutrino RTOS (for medical and automotive application), INTEGRITY(avionics, Industrial, telecoms) and DeOS(avionics and military); all for mission-critical systems applications. We also support mbed OS for Internet of Things(IoT) solution in medical, industrial, consumer and automotive applications.

These supported mission-critical OSs have the highest level safety standard: DO-178B Level A, hence huge cost reduction in product development and manufacturing cost. Application development environment are provided by each of the embedded OS e.g, QNX application development is supported in Qt Creator and QNX Momentics Tool Suit. We favor the use of BlackBerry's QNX for automotive application for its market dominance having shipped in over 60 million cars cutting across over 40% of global car manufacturers.

So, if you are an automobile manufacturer in Nigeria and along the West Africa region, we believe we are here to provide you the most innovative and complete combination of automotive advance features - telematics, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems(ADAS), Infotainment, Acoustic and Instrument Cluster Systems with various application software services while you focus on building your vehicles body, engine block, gearbox, etc.

Electronics & Enclosure Design

As design has become more a matter of choosing and assembly than anything else, especially with the emergence of open source, both hardware and software, we will be able to pull together a system design from publicly-available components without the need to purchase or license pieces to demonstrate a proof of concept(PoC). However, we also leverage the best available proprietary design tools in the industry and Altium Designer is one of them.

Beside the elaborate electronic design services that we offer, we also provide enclosure and mechanical part design for digital devices. Our Industrial and 3D animation team are usually able to provide you with a model for the purpose of presentation and illustration before implementation. We use a combination of SolidWorks (for enclosure and mechanical design) and Blender(for 3D animation, rendering and presentation).

Hardware Manufacturing

Using a network of global component suppliers and manufacturers, we will be able to deliver your hardware in couple of few weeks. It may take shorter period of less than 3 weeks if we are able to locally handle the manufacturing within our production capacity. However, be rest assured of the most effective supply chain that we leverage in order to provide the most cost effective service without compromising the standard of quality at the highest level.

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