About Us

Nichie Systems is an applications and embedded systems development company offering an extensive range of services for both startup and well settled businesses and organizations in Nigeria and West Africa market. We aim to deliver topnotch services to all our clients. While making contributions to the cyber world systems and applications, we respect and keep the legal laws and obligations.

Meet the team

At Nichie Systems, we have/hire highly qualified and skilled candidates to be part of various amazing ongoing projects. Our founders are combination of technical and business development people with vast project experiences.

Samson Amosu

CEO & Software Developer

He is a passionate C/C++ and Python software developer with interest in areas covering AI, IoT, mobile & web app developemnt. He is currently exploring the use of Python computer language & Artificial Intelligence(AI) in finance, eCommerce, healthcare, consumer electronics & industrial automation application. He had a four-year stint with ERICSSON as Mobile Softswitch Integration Engineer and got a BEng degree, EEE from University of Makurdi, Nigeria

Evelyn Shaka

VP, Consumer Products

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Adebowale Daramola

Manager, IT Services

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Oluwafemi Monye

CTO & Lead Software Developer

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Service Guarantees, Motivation and Guiding Principles

Mobile and Web application should transform your business

We're not only interested in making your current system better but our goal is to develop something for you that takes your entire organization to the next level. Custom softwares should provide truly transformative solutions. We aim to deliver the best of quality along with best of user experience.

Business understanding should drive development

We don't write a line of code until we know your business at least as well as you do. In this regard, our team encourages your participation and feedback at every step of the way, so you can be sure of the final product.

Great software is not about the programming

It's about business needs, usability, market understanding, strategy and your bottom line. Most development software houses don't take all those things into account. Guess what, we do.

Your final product should be flawless

That's why we build you a prototype which you can test drive - long before we build the software. It is why we pull in focus groups of your core users to test the beta product. In order for our team to deliver a final flawless product for you, we test it comprehensively in-house to make sure your software is perfect, before the launch.

Selection of standards for process

We select available standards of development methodologies and the use of documentation standards which increases the accuracy and performance levels of the projects to a higher level. Achieving the maximum results via our efforts, we make sure that the customer is fully satisfied with our product and leave a positive impact on our working procedures.

Generally, the development of projects is done on well-defined standards of available organizations. We develop any system according to the proper development methodology and we consider it as a key choice for the success of a project. We currently support two development methodologies which include incremental model and agile.

Both models allow us to accommodate changes in the product that we work on. We encourage the use of incremental model because it allows us to make deliverables and keep our customers posted through deliverables of the product or project.

At Nichie Systems, we are aware that we owe our success to our skilled, hardworking and enthusiastic team that work with us. With the most important resource of having skilled and dedicated staff, we continue to find the best human resources available all around. With this, we believe in a personal approach to every customer and project.

As an organization, we know our corporate responsibility towards the community we are working in and the importance of its growth.

Join Our Team

NICHIE is an application, embedded system, technology integration and ICT service company, we are in the business of turning our client's vision into reality through the development of technological solutions.

Application & Embedded Systems Developer

We keep track of the industry growth in terms of competence in demand; remuneration and best practices with the aim of continuing to provide our developers with the best project experiences that enable them to hone their skills.

Hence, we are always looking out for Qt C++/QML, Python/Django, JS/HTML/CSS and Embedded Systems developer/PCB designers with passion for pushing product development to the limits. The ideal candidate will be someone who is comfortable working at either at an application, systems software and hardware design(with KiCad PCB tool), whether architecting the backend/frontend software, hardware electronic circuit or helping to design and build intuitive user interfaces either for mobile devices, desktop or limited memory footprint embedded devices.

Developers on the team are responsible for every step in the project life cycle from extracting and refining requirements (from business customers or ordinary consumers) to designing user interfaces for either hardware or software. Must be self-motivated and willing to be able to work independently and with cross-functional teams.

So, if you are a Qt C++/QML, Python/Django, JS/HTML/CSS or an Embedded Systems developer who is interested in joining our team, either as a freelancer or for a permanent position, read the job specifications and please email your CV to info@nichie.net

Industrial Product Designer & 3D Animator

Are you one of those rare professionals that can depict a product idea with an amazing design using Autodesk Fusion 360 to make an extra-ordinary impact on users when taken to production? Or with Blender, you are capable of creating a compelling 3D visualizations such as still images, video, video games assets and real-time interactive video games and you are interested in joining our team? Please, read the job specifications and email your CV to info@nichie.net.

Want to partner with us?

As a technology product development company, we strive to have partners in diverse areas and continuously seek partners with services at application, systems and hardware manufacturing level cutting across wide range of industries.

Moreover, we believe in partners in specialized competence domain for certain areas of technology and serving some specific industry. So, if you are one of those, either as individual, team or a vendor, please

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