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Who we are

We are a team of Software Developers, Embedded Systems Engineers and Industrial Product Designers offering the most efficient software development service delivery in West Africa. Our Python/Django, Qt C++/QML and PHP/Wordpress stack developers have minimum of three years experience in product development. We also offer C++/Python/Django programming training & various IT services including cloud hosting.

Highly Skilled Team

Our programmers are highly skilled workforce with competence domains spanning diverse industries and are all ranked in top 5%.

Agile Methodology

Developing software with cross-functional teams in iterative process allows us to deliver your product as quickly as possible which allows you to get to market earlier.

High Quality Code

Our developers will write a high quality code that follows the "Keep It Simple" principle and ensure your code is truely an asset

Cost Efficiency

Your software will be developed with cross-platform tools(Python or C++). So, you reduce your time-to-market with 70% cost reduction

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Katherine Hamilton
Product Manager

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John Dodge
CEO & Co-Founder

Technology, Platforms and Tools We Use and Support

Web / Mobile / Desktop / Embedded / Games / 3D Animation

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We are only a phone call away +234 708 999 7878, +1 504 503 3360

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